Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Augustana Road Project

Today's Argus Leader talks about how Augustana College wants to close off Grange Ave. between 33rd and 37th Streets.

I remember the administration mentioning this plan while I was at Augie. It was one of the options they were kicking around with the future expansion of the Elmen Center.

The guy interviewed by the Argus seems to think that little section of street is hugely important. It's not. Ambulances from Sioux Valley Hospital are much more likely to turn off of Grange on to 33rd St. which is generally a better emergency route.

I think it's more a matter of convenience for the neighboring commuters than for anyone else. The only times I ever used it, while I was an Augie student, was for Elmen Center activities.

But one good thing about this issue is a rare thing to find in an issue like this: compromise. Augie and the city are happy and willing to work things out to everyone's general satisfaction. Augie's preference is to close the street, because it's one less busy street for the students to cross, among other issues. But any compromise is wonderful to see.

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