Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Poll: Blog Colors

I'm attempting to redesign this blog and one of the things I'm looking at is the colors. I'm wondering if the colors are too dark and hard to read. If you think they are, vote yes and I will make sure to change that. Thanks for you help!

Are the colors on this blog too dark?
I like soup.
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1 comment:

Douglas said...

Background color is not too bad, but if you can change it in the template, you might try to go from #DFDFDF to #F2F2F2 if you wish to retain gray, but make it a bit lighter. SanRope Color Picker Pro is a handy free utility for color selection, etc.

For those of us with typical eye problems associated with aging, a slightly larger type size would also help.

But whatever, content is probably more important than color and your content looks good from here.