Friday, August 11, 2006

Mel Gibson

I'm very late on commenting about this topic. My comment is simply this: Who the heck cares? He's a celebrity. Celebrities, just like any other human, do stupid things sometimes. The only reason it's news is because he's a popular actor.

I admit that I haven't been following the story that closely, mostly because I don't care. The stir seems to be something about anti-Semitic remarks. Whatever those remarks were, they were wrong and I'm sure he feels bad about it. But I've seen people use those remarks to justify their belief that his The Passion of the Christ movie was anti-Semitic.

I personally didn't think the movie was anti-Semitic, but I guess I was more focused on how lousy it was at adapting the story.

I don't know. It seems like a bit much to get up in arms over a crappy movie.*

So when stuff like this happens in the future, just remember this: It was just a celebrity. Not anything important.

*I'm sure Bob Ellis or someone will blast me about the "crappy movie" part. I just think it was depressing that it focused on every single bit of suffering Jesus went through while it left out little things like hope and love and the promise for the future of humanity (which I believe is the important part of the story).

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