Monday, November 01, 2010

Don't Vote for Jim Bolin (District 16 House)!

I am not voting for Jim Bolin, District 16's incumbent state House member.

Two years ago, I supported Mr. Bolin for this office (something he apparently noticed). I now regret that vote.

I guess I was nostalgic about high school when he was my history teacher. And I was also a bit naive that the common sense I saw him use on Canton's city commission would carry over into the state legislature. Oh how wrong I was!

As a teacher, I expected him to be friendlier to this state's education system than most Republicans seem to be. But I was wrong. Even though he's on the Education Committee, he's not that friendly to education. He has been helping Governor Rounds to screw over K-12 education in this state. It's really disappointing to see that. Thankfully, the Democrat running for District 16 (Ann Tornberg) is also a teacher and Dems are traditionally friends to education so I'll be voting for her. And notive that Mr. Bolin has nothing about education on his Governing Principles page. Isn't that odd for someone on the Education Committee?

One of the biggest sins Mr. Bolin committed since he was elected was voting for this year's idiotic bill against global warming. Y'know, the one that was so mindnumbingly stupid the entire country made fun of our state over it (*cough*astrological*cough*). He voted for both the original very stupid version and the second version that was slightly less stupid (but still stupid). That's where he really lost me. With those votes, it was clear that he was ignoring the common sense part of himself that he used in Canton. Unfortunately he seemed to be listening to his radical, conservative ideology for the last two years.

So as much as I still respect Mr. Bolin, I will not be voting for him. And I urge other District 16 voters to do the same.

(Dear Conservatives: While I have your attention, I ask that you please stop saying global warming is "just a theory, not a fact." When using those words as scientific terms, they basically mean the same freaking thing. So saying something is "just a theory, not a fact" shows that you conservatives are scientifically illiterate. Thank you for your time. - Love, Haggs)


caheidelberger said...

Good to hear from you again, Haggs! Ann Tornberg will serve you well. She'll fight hard against anyone who disses education or intellect.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you Haggs for the endorsement of Ann Tornberg. Sorry it didn't work out for District 16 and Bolin was elected. Ann Tornberg did receive close to 30% of the vote, but when only 3 candidates run, that's obviously not enough.
Not only is Bolin not supporting education again in this session, he has co-signed the legislation to require all South Dakotans over 21 to purchase a gun. This was a stunt to make a "statement" about the fed. Health Care legislation which will require purchase of health insurance by 2014 or face a fine. He's also the prime sponsor of legislation to prohibit SD Board of Ed. from using Common Core Standards for history. (SD has adopted Core Standards for English and math). See madvilletimes for a hilarous retelling of HB 1153.