Saturday, August 18, 2007

Quote of the Week - John McCain on Daily Show

"I'd close Guantanamo Bay and I'd declare that we never torture another person in American custody."

That was said by Sen. John McCain when he appeared on Comedy Central's The Daily Show on Thursday. It was during a discussion of how Republicans seem like they're appearing tough for their base in the debates. And Jon Stewart brought up Mitt Romney's "double Guantanamo" quote.

When McCain said that, I actually stood up and applauded along with the audience. And McCain went on to discuss how he believes the people who support this torture policy must think that reality works just like it does on the TV show 24.

Why can't other Republicans understand that torture isn't an American value? If I didn't disagree with McCain on Iraq, I would vote for him just based on his policy about torture. Even still, I really hope he stays in the race as long as possible to show the other Republicans why they need to be against torture.

Anyway, that was an excellent interview with McCain. It reminded me of the fun guy we used to see before he started courting the right wing of the Republican party. I miss that McCain, so it was good to see him again. And if I've done it right, you should be able to see the interview below. Check it out:

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