Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sen. Johnson Comes Home!

I'm greatly looking forward to seeing Sen. Tim Johnson at the Sioux Falls Convention Center this afternoon. It's wonderful that he's recovered enough to come see his constinuants.

Also, I saw a cartoon in the Argus today that summed up exactly how I feel. It was from local cartoonist Jason Folkerts. I hope Jason doesn't mind, but I wanted to put his cartoon up here because it's such a great piece.

Update: You can view the cartoon here.

1 comment:

jason folkerts said...

I appreciate the chops, but you do need to pay the Argus for the use of the toon you have on your blog as it is their toon, not mine.
Go to the Argus website, go to Editorial Cartoons and you will see how you can purchase it,
thanks, jason folkerts