Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sen. McGovern Switches to Obama

I logged into Google News like I do every morning, and the very first headline I see is "McGovern, former Clinton backer, urges her to drop out."

Wow! Not only has he switched his endorsement to Obama, but he's also suggesting she get out of the race. This is not good for Clinton. Could McGovern be the first drip in an upcoming tidal wave of delegate switches? I wonder just how many superdelegate have been waiting for a good enough reason to switch?

And what does this mean for Clinton's visit tomorrow? Will she cancel it like she cancelled her morning show appearances today? I mean, does she have any SD superdelegate support anymore? They usually like to bring a local superdelegate with them in these appearances.

UPDATE: I had MSNBC on in the background and about 30 seconds after I hit "Publish Post" there McGovern was on the phone with them talking about this. I think this will turn out as a better switch than the Bill Richardson thing was because McGovern called them ahead of time.

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