Friday, May 30, 2008

My Democratic Adventure - Day 15

This is my fifteenth day as a member of the Democratic Party. I find that nothing has really changed for me. I still feel like an independent. I've always been pretty liberal, especially about social issues. Though in the last couple years I've started to warm up to a few conservative Republican ideas like local/state control (especially when it comes to education). Does that make me a "Blue Dog"?

I'm still trying to decide, but I still think I'll go back to being an independent after the June 3rd primary. Oh well.

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Douglas said...


You haven't sprouted horns on your head and split your shoes with cloven hooves?

Unlike drugs that promise to cure hangnails and have side effects like stomach pain, gastric distress, bloody vomiting, continuous cold infections and rarely death from liver failure, congestive heart failure, or toxic shock registering as a Democrat is usually painless unless you ever want to work in state government run by a Janklow.