Thursday, June 05, 2008

Water 1 - Canton 0

Canton is in the news again. This time, it's because we're underwater. KELO, KSFY and KDLT are in town covering the flood of Christmas Lake and the people who are fighting it.

Y'know, I forget sometimes that Canton is surrounded by water. We have Christmas Lake on the northeast edge, the Big Sioux River running along the south and Beaver Creek going through the western part of town. And right now, they're all exploding with water. Christmas Lake is the new part of town so I think they might have had less time to deal with flooding than the othe parts of Canton.

The whole town is dealing with this. I came home from work today only to find water in my basement. Other people are dealing with water issues. It's a big mess. But I'm glad to see the community coming together to help everyone out. Gotta love that!
*Note: Picture borrowed from Keloland's website.

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Anonymous said...

So Canton is North Dakota's watery ashtray?