Friday, November 10, 2006


Whoo-hoo! What a game!

We got there a little late, but we made it in time to catch Canton getting their first touchdown. The guy running into the end zone broke about five tackles to get there.

The game progressed exactly how I love football games to go: constantly close. the score was constant back-and-forth. So much so it was tied at the end of the 4th.

Now high school overtime confuses me. Each team gets a shot at another score and they start ten yards away. You'd think they would automatically try for a field goal, but they'd run the risk of the other team getting a touchdown on their turn.

So Dell Rapids went first in overtime and got a touchdown on the first try. Then Canton went and used all four downs to get their touchdown. That tied it up again. Double overtime. Canton went first and, because Dell Rapids had a penalty on the last play, they easily got a touchdown. Then, for some reason, Canton's defense came alive and was able to stop each of Dell Rapid's attempts. They even pushed them back a few yards. It was amazing!

So 20 years later, Canton returns to the Dome and gets another championship. Way to go C-Hawks!!

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