Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Church and Politics

I love my church. Not once did my pastor tell us who or what to vote for or against. The only thing he said was that we all should vote. In my opinion, that's exactly what leaders in the church should do. They should never tell their congregations what/who to vote for or against. They should just direct them to vote. Period.

Also, this last Sunday, they used the adult forum after the service to go over the ballot to help anyone who might be confused. Unfortunately I was teaching Sunday school at the time so I couldn't participate in the discussion. But I heard that there was lively discussion about several issues. Everyone thought Amendment E was a stupid idea (I love my church) and there were people on both sides of Amendment C and the abortion ban.

I talked to one lady afterwards who was upset that a whole bunch of men voted for the abortion ban in the legislature. What she said will stick with my the rest of my life. She thinks it would be a good idea to get all the women in the state together to vote on a law to castrate all rapists. I couldn't believe this sweet, 80-something-year-old lady said that, but it was absolutely brilliant.

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