Sunday, November 05, 2006

Cheney Hunting in SD? Run For Your Lives!

KELO has a news story about Vice President Dick Cheney's plans to come to South Dakota for hunting this week. Is anyone else scared? I mean, he shot his best friend in the face. What would he do to someone he doesn't even know? We should all pray for our fellow South Dakotans who live near Pierre.

Update: South Dakota Magazine's blog posted something about the VP's visit which I found completely hilarious.

The Gettysburg folks are polite to a fault, so we’d expect there’ll be few jokes about his quail hunting debacle in which he shot his buddy Harry Whitington a year ago. However, there has been a huge run on orange vests at the Gettysburg Farmer’s Co-op Store. The local nursing home even puts the vests on its patients before they’re allowed to sit outside in the sun.

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