Monday, March 27, 2006

Jack Billion for Governor

The more I hear about Jack Billion, the more I like him.

I really liked what he said in this Argus Leader article. I agree with him that education was sorely neglected in this legislative session (and, no, the one-time-only sum of $6 million wasn't good enough). I like the goals he lists in the article, especially the desire to involve the Native American tribes more in the state government.
"Any governor who doesn't sit down and discuss with the tribes where they want to be and how they see their role in the development and growth and economy of South Dakota is making a huge mistake."
He has some good ideas about being governor. I'm very interested to hear more from him as the election process goes forward.

And Steve Hemmingsen makes him sound like a really fun guy. I wish I would've seen those First Monday shows Billion was on.

Right now, I'm hoping Billion wins the Democratic primary and goes up against Rounds for governor. I think Billion will be good for South Dakota.

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