Saturday, March 11, 2006

Our Spineless Governor

Governor Rounds continues to confuse me. He signed the abortion ban bill on Monday, and since then he has continually put distance between himself and the bill. He keeps saying how it's "not my bill" and he doesn't agree with it. Yet he signed it. He doesn't agree with the bill or what it is trying to do... so why did he sign it?

He could've easily ignored it for the entire fifteen day period and it would've become law anyway. He had already come out saying he disagreed with the frontal assault aspect of the bill, so he could've just not put his name on it But, no, he decided to sign it.

This is a bill that:

1.) He personally disagrees with.

2.) In violation of a Unite State Supreme Court ruling.

3.) The leader of his party, President Bush, doesn't even support.

I see no good reason that he would've signed the bill. Maybe, just maybe, he thought putting his name on it would help him in November... but that's still debatable.

So what the heck is Rounds doing as a governor? If he's just going to screw around, then he doesn't deserve the job. We need someone who will be interested in the greater good of South Dakota and not sign any law that comes his way.

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