Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bush is a Flip-Flopper

I'm greatly amused by the new messages coming from the Bush administration. For months, they've been preaching how "stay the course" is the best strategy for Iraq. But after they finally realized what a falure their policy for Iraq has been, they're now changing that message.

What's funny about this is that Bush and his sycophants are claiming that their message for the last few months hasn't actually been "stay the course." It hasn't taken long for people like Jon Stewart to point out that lie. I mean, has Bush ever been on the internet? Once you put some information out there, you can't take it back just because you've changed your mind. It's like he's saying, "Hey guys, you know all that "stay the course" stuff I've been talking about? Yeah, I didn't really mean it. My bad."

And I love the news coverage of this issue. My favorite is an article with the headline: "Bush has decided to cut and run from `staying the course'." Ha!

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