Wednesday, October 04, 2006

No On E Radio Ad

While I was listening to Viewpoint University today, I heard an add from the anti-Amendment E group, No on E.

I couldn't find the ad online anywhere, so I'll have to describe it. The ad was about a game show where the host would list things or ask questions related to Amendment E. For example, the host listed "family, friends, co-workers" and the contestant tried to guess how all those are related. His first guess was "Good and honest people I know" which wasn't correct. The host listed a couple more and the contestant said "People who would be hurt by Amendment E." And that was correct!

And after that, there was a couple more questions (one was about criminals who would benefit from Amendment E and another was about the Californians who started it). Unfortunately, no one won the game because "nobody wins if Amendment E passes." (paraphrased because I can't remember the exact quote)

What a fun ad! It's exactly the kind of ad that I think can grab the public's attention. If I find it online, I'll post it for everyone to hear.

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