Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Let's Get This Party Started!

(That may be a really horrible title... I couldn't think of a better one)

I've been kind of taking the last couple weeks off. I noticed I was taking certain things way too personally (as you can see here). So I thought a nice break would be in order to rest and revitalize myself for the upcoming political debates.

Now that I'm back, my plan is to have political content up every day. I have a lot I want to cover, from the abortion ban to Amendment Discrimination (or "C") to the various political races. I also want to spend tme discussing my Christian faith and why I believe it doesn't contradict my pro-choice and pro-gay marriage beliefs (no matter how many times Sibby may call me "Anti-Christian"). And I plan to continue my fun posts like the Top 5 on Thursdays and the return of Haggard Hero of the Week which will be on Fridays. Plus I still want to start my Haggard Entertainment posts, but they may have to take a backseat until after the election.

So thanks for your patience!

Update 10/24/06 - I knew I was shooting myself in the foot by saying there would be new content every day. Next thing I know a whole week has gone by. I suck.

Update 10/25/06 - And now when I want to post Blogger craps out on me. Grrrrrr.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Damn, I don't know how to make the links work, but you can copy and paste that into your browswer to see the website. Sorry.

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