Sunday, April 23, 2006

Augie Students Support Halverson

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Well no crap, Brainiac. Are you going to announce that the sky is blue as well?" Just hear me out.

The Augustana student newspaper, The Mirror, asked several students their opinion on Bruce Halverson running for Sioux Falls mayor. Most of them are, naturally, positive about it. But what I thought was interesting what that a lot of their responses mentioned how this could help both Augie and the Sioux Falls community.

"I think it's great recognition for Augie. It shows that our administrators not only care about the Augustana community, but also the entire Sioux Falls community," [Maren] Gilbertson said.
And others think Halverson can do the same good things for Sioux Falls that he did for Augie.

But, anyway, I thought it was interesting to see what Augie students thought of this election.

Oh, and this just in: It turns out the sky is blue.

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