Thursday, April 13, 2006

Liberal Bias

Every few days, a new letter pops up in the Argus Leader letters to the editor section about how the Argus is "too liberal." Each letter usually has a specific concern that they are complaining about, whether it's the perception of too many "liberal" letters or the editorial cartoons are "too liberal" or something of that sort.

And those letters always make me laugh. And I love that most of the letters claiming a "liberal bias" in the Argus talk about wanting commentary/letter selection to be more balanced. The reason I find that humorous is because I seriously doubt those letter writers are really hoping for balance. I think the people who shout "liberal bias" are hoping for the media to go the other way and become biased towards conservative opinion. If that happens I would bet good money that those same people would not write any more letters hoping for "balance."

The funniest part of those letters appearing in this newspaper is that the Argus normally leans more to the right than other newspapers. So the people writing those letters aren't happy with a newspaper that is only kind of conservative. They want it to go all the way into crazy Rightwing world.

And that's the funny part.

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