Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Halverson vs. Munson: Final Tally

I thought of a few things I could've added to my last tally post, but it's a moot point now.

Final Round

Munson wins the April 25th run-off election.

1 point for Munson

But... he won with only 51% of the vote.

1 point for Halverson

Final Tally

Halverson = 8
Munson = 6

This was one of the most interesting elections I've seen (though I'm a young'un). Munson was rocked with scandals, announced he wasn't running for re-election, allowed a large group of candidates to enter the race (many of whom said they wouldn't have run against Munson), then re-entered the race with a handicap. And then he went on to not only get the highest percentage of votes in the first election, but also win the run-off. It was an extremely bizarre series of events for an election. Also weird was that his opponent was a close friend of his.

I just find this whole thing fascinating. Sometimes you just have to sit back and watch the fun that life produces.

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