Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Haggard Hero of the Week: Pastor Scott Bush

This week I want to spotlight someone who had a really good idea. Not an idea that they came up with to make money, but an idea that truly helps people.

Pastor Scott Bush got this idea while serving a tour of duty as an Army chaplain in Iraq:
Bush saw how the soldiers around him missed their children, and he realized many children don't see their deployed parents for great lengths of time. Bush started thinking about how the men and women in Iraq could be connected to their children across the miles.

Bush soon had the idea of having soldiers read a book to their children, record it on DVD, then send the DVD home along with the book.
With the help of Gina Jones, a member of Bush's church, they are sending hundreds of books to Iraq so soldiers can record those DVDs for their children.

This shows what people can accomplish when they work together to improve the lives of people in difficult situations.

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K said...

South Dakota Public Broadcasting has a similar program where they record DVDs of people in jail reading stories to their kids.