Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I Miss John McCain

What happened to the John McCain I used to know and respect?

Before South Dakota's abortion ban, I considered myself a moderate independent (though I did lean left on some issues). I used to think McCain was the spokesman for moderates, the true majority party in the United States. I loved all his appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart because he was funny, likeable and said a lot of things I agreed with. I loved that he wasn't afraid to call out the President when he did stupid things and I loved that he called Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson "agents of intolerance" because that's what they are. My hope was that, if he did run from President in 2008, he could finally eliminate the Religious Right's stranglehold which is killing our country.

Lately, it seems like he's been trying to appeal to the Republican base in order to look better as a possible presidential candidate for 2008. He all but confirmed that on The Daily Show last night. I can kind of see his point if he feels he has a good amount of support from moderates and now wants to appeal to people who haven't supported him in the past. What politician wouldn't want to do that? But it's a shame that he has to show people like Jerry Falwell any form of support.

He may not have officially changed any of his past positions, but he's starting to make his supporters believe otherwise.

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