Tuesday, April 25, 2006

SD School Consider Lawsuit Against Poor State Funding

KELOland news is reporting that 46 South Dakota school districts are considering a lawsuit against the state. The lawsuit would be over the funding that the legislature and governor gave them this year.

Forty-six school districts in South Dakota have agreed to provide money for a lawsuit against the state over school funding.

A decision on whether to file the lawsuit will be made by the South Dakota Coalition of Schools, which lobbies for small school districts.

A study that was done last year indicates that South Dakota schools need an extra 133 million dollars a year.

Governor Rounds proposed a three percent increase in school funding for the next year, or an extra six million dollars, but the Legislature tacked eight million dollars more on top of that.

Some education officials, however, say that is still far short of the mark.
So South Dakota schools need an extra $133 million per year and the best the legistlature could do was a lousy one-time-only $8 million? Looks like they were so busy trying to protect the unborn that that they didn't have time to care for the already born.

Both our governor and our current legislature have dropped the ball with education. We need legislators and a governor who actually do care about education in this state.

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