Monday, April 24, 2006

Why Bruce Halverson Will Be a Great Mayor

I think Bruce Halverson, as the mayor of Sioux Falls, will be able to bring a whole new level of economic prosperity to the city.

Last week, The Argus Leader reported that Augustana College has raised $64 million over Halverson's term as president. One of a college president's jobs is to raise money for the college. And Halverson did so with flying colors.

The money has already been put to use by building the Center for Western Studies and the Center of Visual Arts, which they are building right now. And as a previous Augie student, let me tell you that the Visual Arts center was sorely needed. A lot of the art classes were in this run-down army barracks. I was always scared that the building would fall down on me any minute. But now they're going to have a state-of-the-art building, because of these funds.

The overall goal of the fundraising drive, which began when Halverson took office, was to raise $50 million by this July. But they were able to raise an extra $14 million with Halverson's help.

Now think what will happen if Halverson can do the same thing for the city of Sioux Falls?

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